Zoomlion - R165-8

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Flat-top tower crane

Main specifications

  • Max Jib: 65m
  • Tip Load: 1,7m
  • Max load: 8t
  • Mast Section: 1,65m
  • Free Standing Height
    • Outrigger: 50m
    • Chassis: 51,8m (4,5m city chassis)


  • Cabin CP8 Comfort with:
    • Display showing lifted weight, distance, wind, rotation
    • Heating and conditioned air
    • Anemometer
    • Zoning system & Data Logger
    • Predisposition for Anti-collision system.
    • Management of any interference between 6 cranes with jib horizontal or fletching (Radio frequency module not included)
    • Possibility of installing third party / supplier collision avoidance systems
    • Easy set up
  • Full jib
  • 3 Mechanism with frequency inverter
  • Automatic greasing of slewing ring
  • Set of electrical cables and ropes for maximum height included
  • Safety ropes included
  • Service hoist (optional)

Why choose Zoomlion?


Reliable tower design

  • There are various standard tower sections with different specifications to meet further requirements
  • Higher free standing heights thanks to pin
    connection and reliable tower structure

Reliable raw materials

  • Steel, components and parts from major
  • Supplier inspection report + severe quality tests implemented by the company in-house laboratory


Ultra simplified structure

  • Safe, high-efficiency
  • Low stress flow design with optimal fatigue
    resistance prolonging the working life of the equipment

Higher return on investment and peace of mind

  • Reduced costs through optimization of loading

High efficiency

Efficient assembly and disassembly

  • Boom is connected with quick couplers
  • All aviation plugs are equipped with water & dust protection

Efficient movement and control

  • Use of a high-efficiency reducer makes the structure
    simple, easy maintenance and highly reliable
  • Big hoist drum with double broken line groove completely resolves rope arrangement problems
  • The system adapts the speed in accordance with
    the lifted load


Ergonomic driver’s cabin

  • Spacious, large bearing capacity: 200 kg
  • Ultra vision
  • Flat window
  • Air conditioned
  • Heating system
  • Adjustable and comfortable seats
  • Hook video system with second display in cabin

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